Strider is a balance bike for children aged from 1.5 years.
It is lightweight, comfortable and adaptable to the child’s height to make learning to ride and each ride enjoyable and comfortable. The first Strider was made by Ryan McFarland for his two-year-old son. Ryan is a passionate MTB driver and racer with plenty of knowledge about racing and riding from his father who owned a motorcycle store.

To be able to ride a bike or a motorcycle, you need to have a good sense of balance and coordination – none of these basic skills can be mastered with a tricycle or a bicycle with training wheels. Therefore Ryan McFarland did not stop at designing one balance bike for his son – on 9 January 2007 he established Strider Sports International, Inc. in South Dakota, USA, which is the manufacturer of the balance bike Strider. The Strider brand is now widely recognised in America, Asia and Europe.

There are different names for these types of bicycles without pedals – balance bike, training bike, scooter. In Latvia the popularity of balance bikes is growing every year. Parents are increasingly aware of the role of balance and coordination in the overall physical development of a child. Strider is a bike designed specifically for children, taking into account both the height and the psycho-emotional development of a child.

Strider balance bike is:

  • lightweight – so that the child can ride it without the help of adults
  • simple – so that the child can focus only on riding;
  • comfortable – so that riding would be as easy as playing;
  • adjustable – so that the height of the steering wheel and seat can be adjusted to the child’s height.

Strider balance bikes have gained recognition not only from children and their parents, but also from a number of international organisations, physicians, parents’ associations, schools, schools for children with special needs, etc.

Strider Sports International, Inc. not only manufactures balance bikes, but also organises active events, competitions, training sessions around the world to promote active lifestyle for young children with the aim of developing riding skills, sense of balance and coordination from an early age. To educate parents, encourage spending free time in an interesting and active way with family and friends.