Why a balance bikes?

With a balance bicycle, the rider learns balance first, pedal last. In contrast, with a normal bicycle fitted with training wheels, the rider learns pedal first, balance last.

Although opinions differ regarding which learning sequence is easier for most riders, it is generally agreed that a bicycle with pedals is too difficult for most very young children and that training wheels may encourage the rider to learn some behaviors which later must be unlearned.

Any balance bike as a first bike definitely the best choice for kids, BUT not all balance bikes are created equal.

Parents should make right choice. Balance bike not a toy – it should not have morphed into gaudy, sugary-sweet, super-hero-covered tanks.

Some required qualities that balance should have – be lightweight, fully adjustable and with properly designed frame.

Strider Balance Bikes are clearly the best choice for inspiring your child to ride.

The patented design of the Strider is lightweight and allows for a very low minimum seat height. The Strider Balance Bike was designed for 18 month old children to learn to ride.

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